The ECube Exhibition Services offers total design and build solutions to the increasingly complex spatial requirements of the current exhibitions and trade fairs and special events of the corporate world. We combine in-depth research, architectural exactness, technological awareness and innovative, contemporary insight to create unique environments in which our clients can express themselves.

Our strength has always been our values.we value our customers the most and we believe every satisfied customer is the best advertisement a firm can get. A promise made to the client will be delivered at all costs. There will be no compromise from what was promised to the client. Honour and commitment are the two words that describe our work ethic best.In a field where the average client retention ability of any firm is around 30%,we hold the bragging rights to the most astonishing numbers. A staggering 96% client retention.

Our little secret mantra: “Retention is the new acquisition. Customer service is the new marketing.”

ECube is the solution – a team that was built together to create together.  Resourceful and refreshing, ECube is the most dynamic, full-service exhibition production company you will ever need to work with. Dot.